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What is zone control?

HVAC zone control systems are central heating and cooling systems that use dampers in the ductwork to regulate the air in different areas of your home, redirecting more or less conditioned air to specific areas. In short, zoning systems allow you to keep different areas, or zones, of your home at different temperatures to increase comfortability and efficiency. With a zoning system installed in your home, you can cool down the kitchen while cooking and warm up a chilly living area at the same time, keeping everyone in your household happy. If you thought that the bickering and fighting over thermostat settings in your house would never stop, HVAC zone controllers might be for you!

Benefits of HVAC Zone Control

Zone control is often seen as a luxury accessory to central air conditioning and heating. While it is certainly a luxury for each member of the household to control their own temperature, HVAC zone control has a few benefits that make it a smart choice for your home as well. Benefits of zone control systems include:

  • Increases system energy efficiency
  • Lowers utility costs
  • Better comfort control
  • Environmentally friendly

Zone control systems are perfect for households with rooms that go unused most of the time and people that prefer different temperatures. With zone controllers, you can save money by not cooling unused areas of the house and keep everyone comfortable at the same time!

At DHA Mechanical, we pride ourselves on staying at the cutting edge of HVAC technology, which is why we offer several zone control options. We offer HVAC zone control for both new HVAC systems and current systems. We make modifying your current AC easy by installing HVAC zone dampers and controllers in your HVAC system. When we’re done, you’ll have increased climate control throughout your home!

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