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Air Conditioning Repairs and Replacements

As a licensed HVAC contractor and repair specialist, DHA Mechanical, Inc. has the equipment and know-how to fix any heating, ventilation, controls or air conditioning problem. Our experienced staff is available for your AC Repair Service.

Modern HVAC systems require today’s technicians to keep pace with new information on the many makes and models and the ever evolving technology of the industry.  Our technicians are certified and experienced with all HVAC systems and receive regular training upgrades. With extensive experience in providing air conditioning replacement & repair services, our staff keeps businesses and homes energy efficient and ensures that your heating, air, and ventilation systems are running smoothly.

Commercial HVAC Repair

Who wants to close for the day and lose customers because of a broken HVAC system? At DHA Mechanical Inc. we are always available to be there when you need us. 

We understand how every company has unique operating hours and different demands—we work diligently to have minimal impact on your business. 

Here are some common HVAC issues that we can help address:

  • Damaged Equipment—Commercial equipment installed on rooftops receives the full brunt of Mother Nature. We can outfit your system with protection such as screens and perform regular maintenance to ensure each piece of equipment stays in optimum condition.
  • Capacity Issues—If your HVAC system cannot evenly heat and air condition your building with no apparent mechanical problems, chances are your equipment cannot cover the square footage.
  • Ventilation Problems— Too often, we tend to forget about the ductwork because it hides behind walls, ceilings, and floors. But leaky ductwork is like tossing money out the window. It contributes to a loss of airflow and comfort. We have solutions.
  • Higher Energy Bills—This sign is an obvious one. If your energy bills steadily climb without a rate increase, chances are your system needs servicing. It also might be time to consider upgrading as with aged equipment it can become less reliable and or efficient. —our professionals can offer you practical advice and budget-friendly options.
  • Odd Noises—Are you hearing unusual noises coming from your equipment? That’s a warning bell. Ignoring it could lead to a more costly repair.
Air Conditioning

The DHA Mechanical Guarantee

When you call us to your business or home to fix a heating or cooling problem, our technician will do a thorough evaluation and test your entire system. Count on DHA Mechanical, Inc. to offer honest assessments for either an AC repair or air conditioning replacement for your HVAC system. Our certified technicians will fully advise you of all of your options and will never recommend services that you don’t need. Our pricing is always upfront. Whether you need repairs to a single unit air conditioner, a new part for your gas or oil-fired furnace, or an inspection, our experienced work crew will always provide prompt, courteous, and reliable service to both commercial and residential customers.

For repairs large or small, our single goal is to ensure that all your air conditioning and heating comfort needs are met with satisfaction.

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