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DHA Mechanical, Inc. has been providing business throughout the Bay Area with commercial HVAC rooftop unit maintenance & repairs. 

Rooftop units or RTUs are in all shapes and sizes.  Capacities range from 1-1/2-tons to over 125-tons.  Power sources range from 230Volt single phase to 460Volt three-phase.  Refrigerant bases are R22 to 410A.  And heat sources can be electric, propane, refrigerant or gas.  The technicians at DHA Mechanical, Inc. are trained and experienced to service and repair all types, makes, and models. We also do commercial HVAC rooftop unit installation all over the Bay Area.

  • From simple filter changes to changing and adjusting belts and greasing bearings to chemically cleaning coils, let us help with preventive maintenance or service.
  • When it comes to replacement, we have options to possibly utilize your existing curb or choose the unit best for your application and employ a curb adapter. Keep your building pressurized with motorized outside air dampers, protect your exterior coils with hail guards, and protect your ductwork and space from water damage with condensate float switches.

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